We understand that even with the highest quality of products from other suppliers or us, everything can use a little maintenance work once in a while to be sure that the condition & quality would kept in perfect shape. That is why we also provide maintenance service for our molds so that our clients never face any problems with their production & products.

We provide preventive maintenance, repairs and modifications for injection, casting or stamping molding. This may even be tools from other suppliers. Our maintenance team works with your engineers and manufacturing crew to work out the issues of your tools and work out a solution to correct or prevent anything that may seem out of the ordinary.

Mold repairing can be costly, this means it is critically important for molds to receive regular maintenance; this is simply the best way to protect your investment and maintain consistent production of quality components.

Once a mold has run a set number of cycles; inspections, maintenance and cleaning should be performed. Different types of molds age at different rates, so scheduling maintenance needs to be documented carefully.

We can come and do maintenance work regularly so that preventive maintenance assures that your machinery doesn’t bog down and you do not have to shut down operations or risk low quality products with your tools acting up.

We can detect and correct small problems as part of regular preventive maintenance or during scheduled downtime, before they can compromise QA or shut down production. We do onsite and in-house support for mold maintenance. We can provide you with pick-up and delivery & carry out in-house welding, surface treatment and stress reliving for your tools and also do mold spotting presses. We also provide scheduled services with quick turn to minimize the time your machines or tools stays unproductive.

For more information on our committed mold maintenance, repairs and modifications service and how we can minimize downtime and improve your return on investment.


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