We are experienced in our line of work and can provide you with the best mold manufacturing services available in the market today. We have highly trained engineers and a good working relationship with global toolmakers. With all our resources combined we can give you a top quality product that is ISO-certified, checked for quality assurance and delivered to you right on time with a competitive price tag.
When we say we provide you with the best, we mean it.

We offer our services for plastic injections molds, blow molds, screw molds and aluminum die casting molds along with stamping molds.

With injection, casting & press molds, we have decades of experience & know-how. We focus on both part and mold optimization and ensure minimum material usage while improving on the cycle times and part dimensional stability to equally ensure high quality products.

We do the design, engineering and manufacturing of the product. So all you have to do is come to us with your need and we will make sure we take care of everything else. We have experience in working with many fortune MNC companies from a wide range of industries.

In-addition, with our surface treatment technology we are able to increase its surface hardness and resistance, while retaining the core properties thus having longer life-span for molds during production.

We have optimized manufacturing & designing of inserts & die core cavities for our clients which do not need to change mold bases. We can produce orders fast while not compromising on the quality with a faster cycle and more production capacity.

We have our own manufacturing plant and provide the service to our clients to have their mold/products designed and produced by us. In-addition Tony Precision haves state-of-the-art equipments, and uses only the best materials in the market.

We make sure we are always ahead of the market & remain that way. If our client has something specific in mind and has ideas or solutions about how we can lower costs for the production of that product, we are always open to suggestions.

We have CNC technologies & software with Multi-tasking machineries, Our capabilities include 5-axis milling & turning machining, wire and sinker electric discharge machining, deep hole gun drilling, surface grinding & clean room polishing.

We combine mold design and manufacturing together and make sure our product is second to none. Our quality, prices and flexibility in design make us the best people for the job.

If you have any queries or questions regarding our services