Our Facilities: 

We are proud to inform our esteemed clients that Tony Precision has at its disposal, a highly advanced, wholly equipped with cutting edge state-of-the-art facilities & technologies, which are fully scaled environmentally-friendly temperature controlled factories with clean rooms & necessary epoxy flooring including built in surface treatments for aiding in mold tool & die manufacturing.

We assure you that our premises and facilities are highly geared, equipped and competent in effectively meeting all the ultra-precision requirements and guaranteeing a longer, and more durable life-span for Molds. Moreover, our facilities are fully certified and meet all the pre-set requirements and standards in the industry, in fact, with our highly regulated processes, state of the art technical equipment, advanced technology and strict quality control measures, our facilities are reputed to be one of the most efficient and innovative facilities for machining and mold making services.

We are located in:

Kaki Bukit Industrial Terrace
Ascendas-Protrade Singapore Tech Park, Binh Duong Province,
Nantong Economic & Technology Development Zone, Jiangsu Province

Our facilities are specifically designed & constructed, keeping in mind all the sensitive, customised and specialised requirements of mold manufacturing tool & die and machining processes, and also, to provide optimum safety and protection to our employees during the manufacturing process. We have at our disposal, custom-designed, state of the art, specifically manufactured machining processes which are incredibly versatile, ultra high end and extremely efficient in eliminating wastage and providing durability.

Furthermore, our facilities and equipment is under controlled temperature to ensure that the mold making & machining process is provided with the specific and required temperature for achieving a longer life span, full control of dimensions & tolerances while providing greater utility. We take diligent care and meticulous efforts in ensuring the required machining specifications of your components are adequately addressed and best satisfied. Our facilities and equipment is specially designed and constructed to provide greater utility, durability and a longer life span that adds value to your investment. We promise you, the superior quality, efficiency and innovation of technology, services, manufacturing processes and machinery is highly regulated and constantly evolving at our facilities in order to provide our clients with best satisfying mold and inserts which have long life-spans.

Tony Precision serves a range of industries as diverse as:

      Aerospace            Automotive               Energy                     Medical               Oil and Gas          Pharmaceutical     Semi-Conductor

At Tony Precision, our esteemed clients are our sole priorities, and all our efforts, resources and abilities are dedicated and devoted to providing our clients with greater utility, and unparalleled durability with a guaranteed longer life span. We are professional experts when it comes to understanding all the personalised, specialised, customised and individually exclusive requirements, motives and goals of our valued clients, and providing them products which adequately address and best satisfy all their needs.

We facilitate our clients in their successful, productive, progressive and smooth product launch in the market. We assure you, you can count on the expertise and experience of Tony Precision’s engineers, specialised technicians and state of the art facilities to be able to produce even the most complex, sensitive and trivial components and parts.

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