For achieving the best performance in a production work-piece, whether it’s a machined component or a die/insert of a mold. The component’s characteristic needs a combination of properties like durability, hardness, strength and toughness. While we choose the best steel that meets the critical requirements of the job, it’s characteristics alone for instance, improve steel with higher ductility and toughness to resist chipping and cracking.

Proceeding to further enhance it’s surface hardness and resistance, while retaining the core properties of the steel and monitoring the duration, thus making it able to withstand wearing& corrosion resistance. Such surface treatment provides a buffer layer to minimize heat checking and/or corrosion and erosion in many hot work applications such as aluminum die casting; to resist abrasive wear and scratch in plastic injection molding.

We have a team of engineers and a surface strengthening technology treatment at Tony Precision’s Facilities to overlook the whole process to make sure the specimens achieve the right amount of time & temperature, assuring that the specimen is able to acquire high corrosion resistance.

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